can anyone think of what this dream could mean?

i had a dream last night about being in a house during a storm and the only way to tell if it was getting any better was to turn on the bath water so that we could hear the whale sonar (weird i know) to tell us how it was going to end.

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  • Bob
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    9 years ago
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    I believe that the storm represents something stormy in your waking life, and that the sonar through the bathtub represents the fact that your senses need to be tuned in a special and unusual way to figure things out.

    Water often represents emotions (because of the many expressions we have, like: wave (or tide) of emotion, sea of tranquility, waters than run deep), so listening to the sonar in the water might mean paying careful attention to emotions, in that intuitive way that at which women seem to be so much better than men.

    The bath might might also be a reference to cleansing of some kind, but there is not enough detail in the dream to corroborate this idea. Who you were with in the dream (e.g. their characterisitcs, what they are like), and what happened before and after (e.g. how the dream started) often give corroborating clues.

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