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Is life in Canada getting better or worse in the last 4 years?

And if so, why? Please do not go online and look up statistics; answer only if you live in Canada.

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    As for living, I'd like to think better. I live in a small city and people are more open minded than they were before. Economically, I don't think so since even if our dollar has value it doesn't benefit consumers. Don't even get me started on our gas prices. It's ridiculous. Everyone says we have free health care and it's great if you want to wait 5 hours in the ER. I'm not ungrateful, but they could be doing a better job. Education wise, there are less opportunities since enrolment rates are lower than in other countries. I'm even leaving Canada for higher education in the USA.

    So overall -- No.

    Source(s): Been living here for 23 years
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    Well I live in canada but what do you mean ? Better or worse in an certain area , or better or worse in life overral. To be honest , nothing has really gotten better or worse where I live.

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    Yes if Jesus is not on your boat ;-(

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