Good amp for hardcore, deathcore, post-hardcore etc.?

Im on a budget as im paying for probably all my music items myself.

Price id like to spend is up to 700 all together but if its a little over thats fine.

Im going to be playing deathcore, similar to death metal.

Here are a few bands id influence my guitar playing after

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Stuff like those 3 links

The guitar i have is a Ibanez RG7321 7 string and im gonna be tunning it to either G#, F#, Drop A, or Drop G. I tryed A# and dont like it anymore.

Any suggestions and if you know a good tuning for deathcore dont be shy to give me a suggestion id love to hear it.

If you plan to say "deathcore is gay" "deathcore is generic" "deathcores boring" "breakdowns suck. DA DAA DAAA DAAA DA DA DA DAA DAA sucks" dont even bother telling me this. Get some knew material. Its only generic if you make it generic. I dont plan to, ive wrote some material and some of it is melodic which isnt generic. Cheers to any suggestions though.

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  • 9 years ago
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    Suicide Silence uses a Mesa Boogie Triple Rectifier amplifier head and a Carvin V3 Amp head - - The Mesa Boogir Double Rectifier is also very good but both Mesa Boogie amplifiers have been discontinued by Mesa Boogie. Today they make the Mark V -

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    The Acacia Strain - you cannot be serious about wanting to sound like them. Those guys suck and use crappy equipment. I do not recommend using the equipment they have.

    No information about Chelsea Grin.

    Other totally awesome sounding dark metal also good for hard rock amplifiers and perhaps the very best one is the ENGL Invader or Special Edition Amplifier. If you really want to sound totally awesome then combine an ENGL Invader or Special Edition Amplifier with a BOSS GT-10 guitar effects processor and believe it or not a Hagstrom Swede guitar. Totally awesome sustain due to the H-expander truss rod and the special bridge apparatus for leads and amazing deep, deep distortion that sounds like you just dug it up at the cemetery from the Hagstrom's unique tone toggle switch combined with the GT-10 compression, sustain, dark tone setting on the EO, and the famous BOSS distortion and overdrive found on the GT-10.

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