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Is it possible to make Xanax work longer? And why do I feel this way?

I have realized the only medication that truly makes me happy is Xanax...I am perscibed it, by the way. My doctor gave it to me for panic attacks- and usually I only get anxious when Ieave the house.... And the only time i go somewhere is about once a week or never during the week (I'm homeschooled and i don't want a social life.)

I am also on Prozac, adderal and serequal... It has gotten rid of my suicidal tendencies and SOME of the depression, I still have anger issues too. When I am on Xanax I feel happy, sadly this only lasts a few hours. After the Xanax wears off I feel REALLY depressed and even more angry. Why do I feel like this when it wears off? And is it possible for me to up the dosage to make it last all day withought feeling negative later?

I don't want to feel so depressed at the end of the day when it wears off.

I'm seeing my doctor on Monday but I wanted to make a few things clear first.

Thank you!


By the way- I have only taken Xanax twice from panic attacks.... It's of course helped that but it also comes with joy...

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    Xanax is a short acting drug, which is why the effect only lasts a few hours. There is no way to make the effect last longer without taking more of it. Xanax isn't a happy pill, and you can't take it for the rest of your life anyway. The thing about Xanax is, for one thing it's addictive, and getting off of it is extremely unpleasant, for another, you build up a tolerance to it and then it stops working unless you take more and more of it. Never up your dose of Xanax without your doctor's okay to do so. You're angry and depressed to begin with, and the Xanax gives you a temporary feeling of well being. When that feeling of well being wears off, you're more depressed and angry than you were before. Your Xanax is for panic attacks. If your doctor thinks you're using it just to make yourself feel happy, then he'll probably cut you off.

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    Personally as someone with a medical background, I believe that you may need another medication change if the xanax isn't lasting as long as it should. If you have missed any, your levels will be low. Or it isn't the right med for you. Ask your physician when you go in for your app.

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    You should go talk to you doctor because maybe he will prescribe something else. I don't think your are considered a druggie but If you talk to your doc he\she will tell you if you are or not and he\she will tell you the truth with out getting mad and such at you unlike your parents and then your doc can tell you how to fix it (if you are) so when you tell your parents they will be proud you took initiative and somewhat fixed making you look responsible at the same time ;) So they more than likely wont be mad and if they are you can point that out to them. You should go see a doc because you don't want to od by accident and them get put on suicide watch and have no one trust you and a big old mess. Good Luck!

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    The problem with depending on drugs for our moods and anxiety, is that once the drug wears off, then you are back to square one and usually even worse off than before. It is better for you to learn how to deal with anxiety and what helps you overcome anxiety without drugs. Anti-anxiety meds have a very high recurrence rate when used to treat anxiety disorders, like 80%. So you are not alone with that. Take up art, exercise, turn off the TV, go to the park, hike, find out what makes you less anxious and treat it naturally.

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