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why wont he ask me out?i dropped some hints?!?

hi, so i am a middle school-er (6th grade, please don't say im too young) and the guy i like is also in middle school. so he stares at me all the time and i have dropped a hint by glancing at him more than anybody in the entire school (even the teachers XD) and i sometimes smile at him when i catch him staring at me.

We have to classes together. one day we have art and its at the end of the day when we leave and then we have wood-shop also at the end of the day when we leave. i am friends with one of his friends named peter (i call him perverted dinosaur tho lol). so far all he does is stare at me. he does not talk to me at all, i mean once i asked him why he was standing outside my spanish class and he said "i got in trouble.." and he was all quiet and he would not look at me.

so how do i start a conversation? is it alright to say "hey i saw you staring at me in class." what should i do? thanks!

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    Hey girl, this is an easy one. This is what you gotta do: You want him to like you right? The only way a guy will ask you out is if he likes you physically and like emotionally/mentally. You gotta let him know you. If you only talked to him once, he is not gonna ask you out. And, he might not recognize your hints (most guys are pretty bad at it.) I would say that you need to start talking to him, and become friends. Get to know each other, and stuff. Figure out if he's really the guy for you, and make him think that you are the girl for him (flirting, more hints, maybe tell one of his friends that you like him or tell him straight up). Don't tell him that you noticed his staring. That's not a good method. Become his friend, and then, if you're confident enough, ask him out yourself! The guy doesn't always have to do it. Ask him in a couple of weeks (I'd say 3-4) once you know each other better. Good luck, girl!

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    You should start up a conversation and then maybe even a friendship. I can't tell you how to start a conversation since they can be started in multiple ways (you can start a conversation just by complimenting a shirt. Even better if they are wearing a shirt with a band that you know on it).

    Your "hints" are also very vague.

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    Maybe the reason why he doesn't ask you out is because he does not want a serious relation ship may be he just wants to be friends. And if he's starring at then he finds you attractive..just saying

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    If he most likely likes you, and you prefer him again, why no longer ask him out your self? I not ever fully grasp how men and women factor guys must continuously ask out females o_o.... I'm no longer announcing females must ought to ask out guys, however atleast like a 50-50 factor.... bleh, i dont understand... however yeah.. first sentence.

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    Lol. Don't ask him that. But just be subtle about it. If you ask him directly then you'll chase him away. And you make a move because it seems to me he's waiting for you to do it.

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    Make a joke or just simply say hey, whats up?

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    If you ever have one of those kinda awkward eye contact things, just wink at him. He will know for sure to ask you out.

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    ask his *** out girl

    u cant wait for him 2 do everything

    he be slow

    like snail slow

    like landslide slow

    like glacier slow

    like if i hit yo mama over da head wit a shovel slow

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    wow, in 6th grade i never even thought about dating a guy :P enjoy being a kid, dont grow up to fast; i cant stop you from doing whatever you want to do...

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    Maybe you just need to make the first move, he's obviously very shy.

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