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does he like me or is he just being nice?!?!?

I want to know if he likes me or just wants to be friends but hes kinda a natural flirt and can make pretty much any girl smile. Is he flirting with me or just being nice and would what im doing me taken as me flirting with him?

Well theres this guy in my home ec class and i think hes kinda hot and sorta like him but im not sure if he likes me back... He sits right next to me and my best friend sits on my right. Anyway today me and her were talking when she yelled stop! I couldn't figure out what she was talking about till i saw she was looking at him I turned around and he was sitting there trying to poke me with a sharpie. I just laughed and rolled my eyes before scooting closer to my friend and away from him. about a minute later he did the same thing again and he just laughed along with me. THe third time he tried to draw on my arm I took his sharpie and handed it to my friend who put it on the counter behind her. He started fake whining and i just smiled and told him he could get it back after class. (Someone took it and gave it back to him though...) Anyway at the end of class he was talking to me and told me that he did actually draw on my arm without me noticing I turned around but couldn't find a mark. He laughed and showed me where is was. In other classes hes also like taken my pencil and refused to give it back and i end up like tackling him to get it back(were both laughing as we do it though) and he sometimes steals some of my food if i bring it to class i don't really care because i usually end up laughing. But is he flirting or just trying to be friends and does he think im flirting with him? PLEASE HELP!!

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    He seems very flirty !

    but one way to know that he really likes u is to see if he watches u with other guys or gets annoyed or doesnt really want to here about a guy u like !

    another way is to see if he pays u more attention than any other girls

    Hope this helps !!

    Good Luck sweetie !

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    Its really hard to tell. I just think hes a flirt.

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    I think he's just being funny. I don't think he's interested

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    flirty :)

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