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Conch, tragus, or rook first?

which should i get done first? im getting all three done but i can only get one per month. so in what order should i get them in?

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    2. Tragus

    3. Rook

    The rook piercing is very low maintenance and rarely gets in the way, it's one of the easiest healing piercings. A conch and tragus are more likely to take a little longer to heal because they frequently get bumped (my conch does) because of the placement on the ear. Once you got the tragus and conch healed you wouldn't have to worry about taking care of them when you get a rook piercing. My conch still gets sore a little bit and I got it in February and I got my rook 2 months ago and it never bugs me!

    Good luck!! They're all amazing piercings!

    Source(s): 12 piercings (conch and rook pierced)
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    9 years ago

    Get your tragus first, conch, and then rook.

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