My friend has changed DRASTICALLY within the last 2/3 months?

I'm asking this because my friend has been acting really weird lately, She broke with her boyfriend about 2/3 months ago, and every since then shes changed (they were together for a while and she was in love/obsessed with him) , After they broke up, She was devastated (she never told me why tho), Depressed for maybe 3 days, Listening to sad love songs, (you know how girls are after a broke up) Then maybe after 1 month she got over it, Now shes has CHANGED. For examples: Before her sex appeal was crazy, She was really sexy, and loved to show off her, Her attire has changed, shes adapted on that "Harajuku" Asian style, how the Japanese girls wear, She dresses in these really bright happy colors like, pinks, yellows, blues, purples, etc, She never wears black now, (she did before it was her favorite wardrobe color). She RARELY gets mad now, She doesn't sweat even the biggest things, She just smiles and say ok, It could have been worse, Now thats a good thing but its weird She never acted like this before. Her personality is really spunky/bubbly, before she was a laidback, cool mellow, chill girl. Now its like she has the personality of a 5 year old. Always happy. Shes just not the person I met when we first became friends, And we've been friends for 3 years.

Is she on drugs maybe, is this a phase, what is it? :|.

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    9 years ago
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    Awh. She seems she is trying to hide away and not bother with things anymore.

    Her boyfriend really got to her , she must have really loved him ; and even if she never told you why , it's either something she found out or whatever.

    I feel quite bad for her.

    Be with her every moment , and make her laugh :(

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