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Conditioner in your hair?

My hairstylist sometimes washes my hair shampoos it and after he conditions it but leaves it in my hair until my hair dries, then on and so forth normally except yeah for the fact he leaves the conditioner in my hair. I've been looking on Google, but some of the answers say only for around 5 min. or overnight but can't seem to find any that could leave it in your hair. Unless he put some kind of special product in it but I don't think it was...........

On a side note I was also wondering why when he did that my hair well of course was more soft and smooth, but whenever I condition my hair it leaves my scalp oily and I get build up there?? Maybe the brand maybe not, help me and my stupid question haha.


And no the one he used didn't make my scalp oily it made my hair overall smooth and silky.....

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    It's probably a leave in conditioner, if your hair gets to oily from it wash it out sooner.

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    Its probably just the brand your using.. Switch brands!

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