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I'm having trouble with uploading pics from my camera to my computer!! 10 pts to best answer!!?

I am having trouble with my polaroid t737 digital camera. Whenever I plug the usb into my computer, and connect the other end to my camera, nothing happens. Normally when i do this it'll appear on my camera? What is wrong with it, and can i get it to work?? Thanks! I will award 10pts to best answer!!

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    I NEVER allow any software to upload images to my computer.

    I ALWAYS use the Operating System to find the camera/card in one window. Then I find or create the folder where I want the images to go, and I drag and drop.

    One important reason for this is that if the pictures are important - say, photos of family, friends, vacations, or for business - you will also want to drag them to a second, perhaps external, drive.

    As a professional digital photographer, I am often asked to help people with their computer and photographs. THE cause of everyone's problems: They do not understand how the images get put onto their hard drives.

    You MUST do it yourself: drag and drop into a known folder, so that you can always find it again.

    And, of course, into a backup folder on another drive.

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    What's wrong? The camera, when connected to the computer, is nothing more but an expensive card reader. The problem is the computer can not always see it that way due to the camera insisting it is a digital camera. When you connect many USB devices to your computer, especially to the same port again and again, the computer gets more confused. In the end, the best way to solve the problem of transferring files from the camera to the computer is to not involve the camera altogether. Use a USB card reader.


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    dont worry friend...

    1.turn ur camera off before connecting.

    2.connect the usb cable. Then My computer>right click>properties>hardware then u can see a window.. Update all the drives by clicking on them.. Hope it will work..

    3. The easiest way buy a card reader (its very cheap maximum 2 or 3 usd) then insert ur card to the card reader.. Explore drive.. Copy what u want.

    4. Make sure that the usb is not bad in condition..

    5. Re install the camera software and try again..


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    It could be that Windows (if you are using this OS) have lost your camera's driver, somehow. That's why it failed to recognize the camera device. If you still have the camera's installation CD, reinstall the driver and you should be fine. A way more easier solution is, by using a card reader instead troubleshooting Windows. Just insert your CF card into the card reader to transfer, copy or delete your image files / pics.

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    I have never connected my cameras to my computer. In fact, the cords are still in the boxes from my two cameras.

    With my point & shoot Canon, I insert my SD card into the reader on my laptop. For my CF card, I use a reader I bought. I just plug it into a USB port on my laptop, and then insert my card into the reader. Very easy.

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    You must have the camera turned on when you import your pictures, I used to make the mistake of that. If you do have the camera turned on AND you have a Windows operating system, I'm going to tell you what I've told a lot of people:

    Go to the bottom left start menu

    Click "Control Panel"

    Click "Hardware and Sound"

    Click "AutoPlay"

    Find where it says your camera and click "ask me every time"

    Hope this helped :)

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    Go on the website or sell it and get a new one or just get a new momory card

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    LOL even I know that you have to drag-and-drop the pictures! and I'm a kid :P

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