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He loves two girls! I'm confused!?

Hey. Okay, so the problem is he loves two girls. At first I didn't know but I found out that he did after a couple of months. I questioned him and he told me he cared about the other girl and when I asked him about how much he loved her he said he loved us both the same. That confused me. Anyways, I told him I was willing to let go and let him be with her (she didn't know about me which was actually a good thing for her and him). But he refused to let me go. He didn't want me to leave and he said that I should forget about the other girl completely. I insisted that it'd be better if it was just the two of them but he refused and even said that he'd die if i left. So i had to stay. I don't like the idea of sharing him but he say's he doesn't want to let us both go.

This sucks! What should I do? I'm really broken. And so far he's been getting his way because he keeps telling me he'll hurt himself if i leave. Help!

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    It's time for you to talk to the other girl about this. See if he's said similar things to her. Chances are, he's bluffing about hurting himself, but it's not fair of him to try to be in a relaitonship with both of you. Maybe tell a teacher/parent if things don't improve, especially if you think you should break up with him? Good luck...

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