How much do you spend per week on recreation/entertainment?

I'm just interested to know what you spend. I myself barely spend a cent. All my expenditures are things like gym membership, health, phone/internet, car, fuel.

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  • 9 years ago
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    I believe that Recreation/entertainment should represent 5% of your income. Gym membership should fall under this category together with eating out, movies, health clubs etc.

  • Kerry
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    9 years ago

    ok...but the better part of the qu;;estion here much are you saving? or are you blowing

    it all in other places as well?...the saving part, and especially the way things are going now...

    should be your priority and as much as you can get into there as quickly as you can..there's

    some really rugged times down the pike that are yet to happen...should trim all expenses and

    start socking it away...I spend very little towards that...very little

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