I'm an asthmatic, how bad could it get if I got the flu?

I'm a moderate persistant asthmatic, 20 years old, female. It's excercise and allergy induced asthma, I generally don't have symptoms unless I'm exposed to animal dander or if I get a sinus infection. I take an Advair 500 twice a day, singulair once a day, an allergy pill, and I have a puffer that I use if I excercise or have an attack

Usually my symptoms include extreme tiredness, slight breathlessness if I move around, and slight chest tightness. I've never been hospitalized overnight or had an attack where I was gasping for breath

My mother says if I got the flu, my asthma could become life threatening and that I HAVE to have a flu shot.

My question is, how bad could my asthma become if I did catch the flu? Have any of you asthmatics ever experienced the flu? Not that I want to, obviously, I just would like to know. (I usually get very tired and achy from the shot and need to rest for 2-3 days.)

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  • 9 years ago
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    You could become EXTREMELY ill if you get the flu. Yes, your mother is right, it could become life-threatening. Anyone with any preexisting health conditions, especially lung issues such as asthma, should always get a flu shot.

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    4 years ago

    Me too sista. I get alleviation from deep respiring which I use for the period of meditation. If that doesnt support, and the inhaler doesnt support, check out the deep respiring once more. open a window to deep breathe it will have to take the heavy feeling off your chest and settle the wheeze. sorry approximately the steroids, i got here off them and suffered for a couple of months however have accelerated seeing that kicking the steroids. They are an overly final motel for me, if the infection is at the lungs versus the passageway which emerge as inflammed. I determined barley begins an assault, so examine all meals which are triggers. I use plenty of olive oil and different profitable oils in cooking/salads and many others. I uncover it useful. Everyone's extraordinary. Good success.

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