How to stop extreme itching - dermatitis?

Hello. I'm posting here because I'm nearly at the end of my rope and I really hope someone here has a good idea. My husband has had atopic Dermatitis for as long as I've known him but lately it's gotten so bad that I feel like there's nothing else we can do. He scratches constantly when he's home (possibly at work too, I don't know) his skin is puffy and red looking all the time now, he's covered in post inflammatory hyperpigmentation over about half his body (face included) and the sound of the scratching and trail of skin flakes are driving me crazy. He's also kept me up all night for weeks now. It's like trying to sleep in an earthquake. We have a studio apt so it's not like one of us can move to the sofa. He's been to a few dermatologists who keep giving him the same medications over and over - elidel, desonide cream, triamcinolone spray and none of them are working. We no longer have health insurance so that's no longer an option for us. I've suggested (and he's tried) various things - seaweed cream, tea tree, shea butter, coco oil moisturizer, omega 3 oils (internal), evening primrose (Internal and topical), a juice detox, beta carotene oil (topical), flax seed oils (internal) and the seeds themselves - my job and training is in natural remedies. also, he says that most things sting when he puts them on. I also feel like his scratching is damaging his skin further and making the problem worse but I can't get him to stop and end up feeling like a nagging wife (which I don't want to be at all!). I really love him but I worry that i can't go too much longer with the constant scratching, shaking bed, blood spots on the sheets, and 'pig pen like' trail of dust before it starts to really affect us - ie my frustration at not sleeping and his at me nagging and complaining. Any ideas that anyone in the community might have are really appreciated! I've also seen the ads for the 'miracle creams' but I don't really trust that they work and don't want to waste more money than we have already. Our budget is pretty tight as it is. Anyway, I know you're all thinking 'why are you posting this instead of him?' well I think he's given up and is resigned to live with it and really can't tihink of anything else to do. I don't think he should have to live like this and I hate seeing him in pain.

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    first of all try get him a pack of anti hystemenes like piriton or zotek, they will cool down his blood so he wont scratch half as much but the best cream to get is betnovate. As far as i know you can only get it on prescription but it works wonders, my husband is the same and now that i got betnovate for him i rub it on his back and he's doing much better, that combined with anti hystemenens work like magic. Hope this helps and he feels better soon.

    Best of luck ;-)

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    Your husband sounds like me two years ago. I would scratch until I bled. The painful scabs would be enough for the itching to subside but after they were gone the itching would just come back.

    Five refills of Triamcinolone acetonide 0.1% was what my dermatologist gave me along with a little green sheet of paper giving me some unhelpful advice on how to "live with it" including not taking baths. Ever.

    The steroids made the rash go away fast but it always came back. At the risk of some shameless self promotion, I wrote an ebook detailing everything I did and how I took care of my condition. I haven't had an outbreak in over two years.

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    The product you should check into is Salcura Dermaspray Intensive.

    We found it to be extremely effective.

    We treat our son who has eczema with this product. It has all natural ingredients, no chemicals or cortizone's, goes on very easy. No mess, no greasy or sticky residue and doesn't stain clothing.

    It stopped our son itching within minutes, and healed his skin. Before we found this product we had to wrap his ankles and wrists (where the eczema centers on him) with tape and gauze to prevent him from scratching till he bled, and checked him all night so he wouldn't pull off the tape. We could see it healing him the very first use. Even though his skin was really inflamed and raw looking by the evening the inflammation reduced by about 50%. If he has an eczema flair up now, we just get out the spray and the itching stops and his skin heals by the next day.

    You can also look for soaps containing dead sea minerals and calendula to wash in.

    Or Salcura has shampoo's, body washes and creams for Eczema,Psoriasis and Dermatitus sufferers

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    It might be caused by something he is eating. I have a wheat allergy and if I eat wheat I get red raised skin that I can help but scratch till it bleeds talk to the doctor to see if a food could be causing it.

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    I do not believe that to be accurate

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    call me

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