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Is my Magic: The Gathering deck any good?

My main colors are Blue and Black, kinda like, life and death, but my cards are:

Child Of Nightx2

Bloodrage Vampire

Sengir Vampire


Blood Seeker

Zombie Goliath

Warpath Ghoulx2

Drifting Shade

Rune-Scarred Demon

Amphin Cutthroat

Ether Adept

Chasm Drake

Phantasmal Bear

Azure Magex2

Merfolk Looter

Belltower Sphinx x2

Instants, Sorcery, Enchantments and Artifacts:

Jace's Erasure


Brink Of Disaster

Dragon's Claw

Throne Of Empires

Scepter Of Empires

Crown of Empires


Divination x2



Diabolical Tutor

Doomblade x4

Wring Flesh



Call To The Grave

Sorin's Thirst

Dark Favor

Buried Ruin(Non-Basic Land)

12 Swamp

13 Island

Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated :)))

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    Its really bad, singles of pretty much every card is bad. Stick with 1 color (black vampires seems good for the cards you have).

  • 9 years ago

    i'm sorry but this isn't any where close to okay for yugioh is like way better..(in my opinion)

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