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getting a nanny for the first few months after giving birth?

does any one have any experience with this or any suggestions? We're thinking of getting a nanny maybe for the first few months to help us out with primarily looking after my other kids while im taking care of the newborn. I have two other young kids at home full-time (11 months and 2.5) and my 6 year-old stepson is with us every other week.

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    Nanny to help will be ok, but the first few months are important bonding times for the mother and baby.

  • Anonymous
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    Yes having a nanny is good in your case. The only thing you need to do is to choose the right nanny and where to find one. If its taking you too long to find one, my suggestion is to go for a qualified care provider that has skills with looking after the kids, knows what to do on any medical emergency and basically knows the basic things needed to be done for the job.

    Local home care agencies can be expensive. You can go for an online secured home healthcare network where you can search qualified and compatible care providers in your area. By doing so the cost of having a care provider is reduced and its affordable for most people. The site is carelinx and its free to use and search care providers. Hope this helps! Good luck

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    I am a nanny and have helped families in the past take care of the older children while the mom rested and took care of the little one. I think it is a great idea. Just maybe think of spending some mommy and me time with the older ones too and have the sitter watch the baby for an hour or two so that they dont feel so left out. Congrats!!

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    I'm a nanny and have worked with many families who have had new borne and I've looked after the other children I think it's a great idea- give you time to get into a routine with your new born and sleep when baby sleeps!

    It will really help you!!

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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    a nanny would be great, just interview before you choose one :) godbless

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