Why do boys turn on me? (kinda long but I need advice thanks =])?

Everytime I become friends with someone (usually guys) they turn on me out of no where and for no reason. Here's how it goes. I'm typically a shy girl, so when I meet someone who makes it comfortable for me to be myself, we become friends. We become the best of friends like we tease each other, write things to each other on FB, joke around you know how you wold act with your best friend.Then it stops, and when I write to them they ignore me, then we I see them in person they'll avoid me. Or when I write to them they'll say "I don't wanna talk to you haha JK" but I know theyre not joking cause when I do see them in person they'll give me an attitude, avoid me and then from there we never speak anymore. Recently I met this really funny guy who was easy to talk to someone who made it easy for me to be myself and act silly with. We would always tease each other on FB and pick on each other, then recently I noticed when I would comment on his statuses he would ignore me. I wrote to him and said hey and he was being rude and saying things like "Oh sorry I'm not home but please leave your name and number and I'll get back to you". He would then repeat everything I would say and then I said something and he goes "Oh am I boring you?". I said no if you bored me I wouldnt talk to you. He said bummer cause I was hoping to, I dont wanna talk to you and then he said just kidding. Well I saw him yesterday and usually he comes up to me and says something random so we can tease each other and what not but yesterday he avoided me and acted like he didnt know me even though when I looked at him he looked at me but said nothing! idk what it is that they eventually turn and dont wanna be my friend any more I didnt do nothing!

please help and thanks

p.s its sad because were not in high school were in our early twenties and its so immature!


and this isnt the first time its happened to me!

Update 2:

oh and hes still a friend of mine on FB im surprised he hasnt taken me off!!

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  • Egao
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    9 years ago
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    These guys are serious douches.....

  • 9 years ago


    These guys are serious douches!!

    I would just ignore them back haha

    act like you don't care or something.

    like maybe you're coming on too strong? although it doesn't seem like it by the way you tell it.

    it just seems like you find the douchiest guys to befriend haha

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