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What is my rising sign? ANSWER THIS ONE! : )?

I am born on December 1st, 1995 in Lexington Kentucky at 6:12pm. I keep using those rising sign calculators and I keep getting different answers, I have gotten Cancer, Gemini and Scorpio. I'm just really curious about which one it is! If anyone is an expert and can figure it out then THANKS: )

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    A natal chart is a mathematical graph depicting the exact location of each of the

    planets at the moment of the person's birth. It, like the person, cannot be duplicated in 25,000 years. It, like the person, is unique and describes ten basic and distinct urges and behaviors found in each of us.

    To calculate the placements in a natal chart you'll need the person's time and place of

    birth. Then go to , enter the data, and the program will produce a

    chart that tells you all the placements and a brief delineation of each.

    Once you have the chart, you have the key to the behavior.

    (If you prefer Vedic/Sidereal instead, you can go to and

    get one for free.)

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    You have Gemini rising at 24 deg 04', Moon in Aries, Venus and Mars in Capricorn in 7th house.

    edit...Sorry Chris. its not Cancer :)

    Source(s): The Undertaker
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