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what channel is ice skating on i want to watch it!?

i feel so left out when my coaches talked about the 2011 worlds a long time ago and i was like asking everyone who won who won????? i just want to know where all the skating channels are on i have direct tv so which channel is it on... i want to see worlds and in 2014 olympics please THX


thx frosty but i don't want to watch on youtube thx anyway

Update 2:

btw how do you make the <3 ??

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    worlds were on NBC universal sports, which is different from regular NBC. channels vary by area so I can't tell you the exact channel, and I have fios(: but yeah I think nationals were on abc... im not 100% sure either that or regular NBC. olympics should be showed on nbc, abc, or the olympics are on most sports/espn channels

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    Well, I believe Universal Sports has all the tv coverage of ISU events like Worlds and the Grand Prix series and US Nationals and all that stuff. Once the Olympics come around in 2014, NBC may have coverage, but Universal definitely should.

    Also, has ALL the skating events, but you have to pay for it. It isn't that much anyways.

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