should i meet up with him even though he has a girlfriend?

A guy that I had a fling with a few months ago wants to meet up with me again. But he has been dating a girl for two (almost 3) months now. But he wasn't seeing anyone when we met first time around. He said they are serious about each other and that they both ‘love each other’. So why does he want to meet up and have sex with me?? I really think that I am in love with him. I’d do anything for him. He’s so good looking and he has a lot of female admirers. He asked me to go out with him a few months ago and I said no because I felt I didn’t trust him. And now I am glad I have made that decision because I felt he wouldn’t make great boyfriend material. But I still have feelings for him. And I cant change that even though I wish I could. I can see he is a player but that doesn’t change my feelings for him. The time we were apart which was a few months I could not stop thinking about him. I thought about him every single day. I’ve been with other guys since then but I don’t want them or care about them. I only care about him. I’ve never felt this way about anyone else before. And I find myself so much happier now that we are back texting each other. He sent me a text message yesterday saying ‘I think I love you’. I was so happy when I read it. The happiest I’ve been in a long time. I’ve been through a lot lately with another guy I would really just like to be with someone rather than be on my own. I really wish people would not judge me so harshly if I was going to meet him I would have done so already. I was suppose to meet him today after work and I didn’t. And I don’t want to hurt his girlfriend even though I don’t even know who she is.


i know what people are going to say to me. but i really really love him. the way i feel about him ive never felt that way about anyone and i cant stop thinking about him. ive tried dating other guys and its not working. i just think about him even more.

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  • 9 years ago
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    Do the right thing. Walk away. It really doesn't matter that you don't know his girlfriend. It's called being a decent human being. If you had a boyfriend who was saying he loved you, and whom you loved, would you really like it if another girl was sneaking around and encouraging your boyfriend to cheat on you?

    This guy doesn't know the first thing about love. Love doesn't mean going behind your partners back and screwing other girls.

    I get that you think you love this guy, but you don't. It's nothing but lust and infatuation. You just want him because you can't have him. You think he's "so good looking, and has a lot of female admirers." You also "think you love him." If you only "think" you do, then you don't. Not only that, you feel you can't trust him, and you were proven right. How can you possibly love someone you don't trust? YOU CAN'T.

    You are seriously confusing actual love, and infatuation. You're infatuated. Nothing more. You've never dated this guy, you haven't gone through anything with this guy to even determine if your infatuation can turn to love.

    The fact that "you'd do anything for him" should be a huge red flag... FOR YOURSELF. Really? Get a grip. Never let any guy bring you to your knees and make you so freaking weak that you'd "do anything for him." What has he done FOR YOU? Hm? Besides prove that he's a liar, a dirtbag, a cheater, a player?

    You're letting this guy play you like a fiddle. I'm not even joking you. He's got a girlfriend, claiming he loves her, yet he's asking to have sex with you. I guarantee you he does NOT love you, so don't let his words delude you. Love doesn't mean keeping you as a piece on the side. He knows you're infatuated with him and he knows he can get you to do whatever he wants. All he wants to do is get it in and have sex with you. NOTHING MORE. He will tell you ANYTHING to get you to spread your legs. What he's saying... it's just words. Words mean nothing. It's actions that speak the loudest, and his should be screaming in your ear.

    He is not boyfriend material, he's not a decent person. He's only concerned about himself, and his own pleasure. He wants to mess around with as many people as possible. He gets off by playing girls.

    Please, save your feelings for someone who's worth it. This guy will use you and spit you out and throw you out like garbage. He doesn't care about you, he never will. He will break your heart, and if you continue down the road you're on, you're in for a lot of unhappiness and torture. Be smart. Walk away. Save yourself the pain.

    I mean honestly, what do you see happening here? You meet up with him. OK, then what? You let him use you, sleep with you, and he goes back home to his girlfriend. How good are you going to feel about yourself? You're going to feel like a piece of sh*t. Trust me. I've been there.

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    9 years ago

    no, how would you like it if someone did that to you, Plus if he is willing to see you while he has a gf hes going to do the same to you with another girl

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