Sorry, but litttle help with some ( a lot) of Spanish phrases and words?

I didn't catch all the English translations when my teacher was explain, so can you please help?

(Necesito)....(poner) la ropa en la el amario

(Necesito)....(encontrar) el dinero primero (Please translate the sentence, but the words in the parentheses are one of the ones I need to know the most, soo can you tell me which is which?

The same with these:

(Quiero)...(ir) al centro comercial

(Quiero)...(conocer) a muchos nuevos amigos (same with these ^)

(Quiero)...)comprar) muchas cosas

Also, these phrases:

Y que ecesita hacer Paco?

Que quires hacer?

Y que quiere Merche?

Necesito organizar mi cuarto.

Necesita ir a la libreria.

No se, pero no quiero hacer la tarea.

Quiere ir a la pizzaria.

Que hay en tu cuarto?

Que hay en el cuarto de Paco?

Tienes un teleisor?

Que tiene Merche en su cuarto?

Tengo una mesa y dos silla en mi cuarto.

No, no tengo televisor..

Merche tiene unos carteles y una radio en su cuarto.

Que quieres?

Paco una mochila?

Que necesitas?

Necesitas papel?

Que necesita Merche?

Quire una mochila.

Si, el quiere una mochila.

Necesito un cuaderno.

No, ya tengo papel.

Ella necesita muchas cosas!

Sorry~, but Spanish is getting a lot more confusing with the whole being formal, and feminine, masculine thing. -.-

Thank you~ The more the better! Even better if one of you actually help me translate everything~ :DD


@Cesar es, can you please tell me the verb, like Necesito, necesitas, etc

But also the "Quiero"

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  • 9 years ago
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    (Necesito) = i need

    poner= to put

    encontrar= find

    quiero= want

    ir= go

    comprar= buy

    (Necesito)....(poner) la ropa en la el amario = i need to put the clothes in the drawer

    (Necesito)....(encontrar) el dinero primero = i need to find the money first

    (Quiero)...(ir) al centro comercia = i want to go to Centro Comercia

    (Quiero)...)comprar) muchas cosas = i want to buy a lot of things

    hope this helps :)

    Source(s): i come from a spanish speaking country :)
  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    I need to put the clothes in the...?

    I need to find the money first.

    And what ....? do Paco.

    What do you want to do?

    And what does Merche want?

    I need to organize my room.

    I need to go to the library.

    I don't know, but I don't want to do my homework.

    Do you want to go to the pizzaria?

    What is in your room?

    What is there in Paco's room?

    Do you have a....? tv?

    What does Merche have in her room?

    She has a table and two chairs in my room.

    No I don't have ....?tv?

    Merche has a few carteles(don't know) and a radio in her room.

    what do you want?

    Paco backpack?

    What do you need?

    Do you need paper?

    What does Merche need?

    She wants a backpack.

    Yes, she wants a backpack.

    I need a folder/notebook.

    No, I have paper.

    She needs a lot of things.

    Hopes this helps:)

    Source(s): 11 years of spanish classes. -.-
  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    Go on google, type in yahoo babel fish, copy these phrases and go to the box that says select language and pick spanish to english. Hope this helps

  • 9 years ago

    do you want translate the sentenses into english? or do you want to know the verb like:

    necesito: i need

    nesecitas: you need

    nesecita: he/she needs

    nesecitamos: we need

    nesecitan: they need

    i don´t know what you mean..... i´m from mexico.......saludos ¿de donde eres?

    las respuestas de arriba estan bien= the answers above are rigth,

    solo que lo correcto es:

    Y que ecesita hacer Paco?= and what does paco need to do?

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