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Is there anything i can do to improve this deck?

I had to consider the new banned list,

Monster: 22

Judgement Dragon x2

Gorz x1

Celestia x1

Gragonith Lightsworn Dragon x1

Lumina x1

Wulf x1

Lyla x2

Garoth x2

Jain x2

Aurkus Lightsworn Druid x1

Ehren Lightsworn Monk x2

Jenis Lightsworn Mender x1

Ryko x2

Necro Gradna x2

Honest x1

Spells: 13

Pot Of Averice x1

Monster Reincarnation x1

Solar Recahrge x3

Charge of the Light Brigade x1

Foolish Burial x1

Monster Reborn x1

Dark Hole x1

Lightsworn Sabre x1

Heavy Storm x1

Realm of Light x2

Traps: 10

Solemn Judgement x1

Mirror Force x1

Raigeki Break x2

Magic Cylinder x1

Glorious Illusion x1

Sakuretsu Armor x2

Bottomless Trap Hole x2


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    I haven't played in a while so I might be wrong, but all the cards I know of are 1. high leveled 2.high attack... so you might want to include some more 4 and under monsters and ones with good effects... but the spells and traps seem to be very good. Again, sorry If I'm mistaking. Hope I helped!

    actually...Foolish burial and monster reincarnation are very bad cards...I don't remember why it's bad but I know I lost a lot of games because of the effect again

    Source(s): my history with card games
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