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How to survive being homeless?

If i were to go homeless how can i get food? where would i live?? how would i take shower?? etc.

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    Just about any Caribbean island would do.

    Can you swim, fish and sleep on the beach? It might seem tough but I'm sure you could adjust.

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    After my husband died, I was homeless for two years.

    I am college educated, responsible, I always pay my taxes, I serve on jury duty, and spent most of my years as a single mother. Believe me, I never thought I would find myself homeless.

    But sometimes there is a "perfect storm," and things don't come together as they should.

    Those family members and friends who said they'd always be there for me WEREN'T! My sister-in-law asked me NOT TO TELL PEOPLE that I was homeless, but never offered me a bed. Yet people I hardly knew and some acquaintances were the ones who opened up their homes and hearts to me.

    If possible, sign up at a community college for a physical education class; that way, you'll be able to use the showers. That is always a problem for the homeless.

    Homeless shelters are OVERFLOWING; I spent many nights in my cold car (but grateful that I even HAD a car!), sleeping in supermarket parking lots.

    And most of the homeless these days are not lazy bums. They are women, children, veterans, those with mental illnesses, and those who need medical care to fight their addictions.

    I am grateful that I survived pretty much intact, and it made me a much stronger and more compassionate person.

    Homelessness leaves you with psychological problems, even if you survive it. I sold my other car, aand now have one that I can actually sleep comfortably in if necessary.

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    My mid-size city has three shelters, three or four food kitchens, a place where the homeless can do their laundry and take showers and at least one free health clinic. Not too mention the many churches which supply food to the poor.

    If you were to become homeless, other homeless people would tell you what services were available.

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    You want to do everything within your power not to become homeless but if you do most towns, cities etc. have places where homeless people can get meals and bedding.

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    well i can only speak for portland, or. there are lists of free feeds available, as well as other resources- laundry, clothes showers, etc.- however- it is mostly first come first served- which means a lot of standing in line in the rain.

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    you stand at a fast food place and ask for food

    you live somewhere on the street

    you'd refreshing yourself in a public restroom

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    I got friends and family to turn to

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    Oh, please! I'm sure there's all kinds of services for homeless in your city. You just have to find them.

  • dont go homeless. easy peasy.

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