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Women need institutional abrogation of responsibility ?

Are you offended or excited by society's "women-need-extra-shelters-if-they-screw-up-and-lose-their-homes-but-men-can-tough-it-out" idea ?

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    Abrogate- to abolish, to do away with.

    Thems fightin words! No one uses that word except for special occasions. Please let olds cool know.

  • Jack
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    9 years ago

    I wouldn't call shelters "abrogation of responsibility" per se...

    ...if we stick to the retail aspects that Old's Cool employed, I'd relate men's "enjoyment" of the retail experience as relative to women's enjoyment of the automobile maintenance or home repair experience!

    Not all women choose to remain blissfully ignorant of their automobiles or of how to repair things around the home...but many do...and yet you don't see men patronizing women over their lack of understanding when it comes to things like this.

    (Cue the parade of feminists who claim they don't need a man to fix their leaking faucets or take the car down to the auto shop and know enough NOT to get hosed!)

    As always, when a man does something like show no interest in shopping, women like Old's Cool (who has never had a man as I understand it...just sayin') call it "abrogation of responsibility," but when women do most feminists, she chooses to just look the other way!

  • rieder
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    4 years ago

    long stay the patriarchy! In all seriousness, this is sensible. in the event that they think of fellows do unlike procuring as much as women, this looks like a valid company approach. i'm guessing they think of it works greater desirable than the better halves basically leaving their husbands at homestead, as in greater better halves are keen to return if the husband remains with them for the holiday different than the procuring itself, quite than him basically not coming in any respect. this is an exciting attitude. That issues which persons interpret as mocking men extremely prefer men interior the long-term. i'm not agreeing with it inevitably, although this is exciting.

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    Smack Old's Cool for me, I can't do it myself because I don't believe in hitting women :)

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