Car insurance questions. im a youngin so pardon?

If an individual never crashed and paid insurance as legally required in order to drive where would their money go? Do insurance companies offer any other services than half-*** damage control that wouldn't raise your monthly payments?

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  • 9 years ago
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    The insurance company keeps the money. There are no refunds, I believe Allstate will send you a $25.00 check every 6 months if you do not have an accident; However, don't be fooled, they charge you up front for that refund with higher Insurance premiums. You must do a lot of shopping around with it comes to insurance companies, check to see what they are offering and what you will get for your money; i.e., Rental car on accident, Lower deductibles, Road side assistance, discounts for motels and rentals. etc.. Or decide if you want no frills, Like just liability insurance which will cover the other person; but, not your car - meaning if you crash your vehicle it will not be fixed or even towed away. Smart shopping and comparisons is your best avenue. Good luck.

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