I need a way to make some Paypal money?

I'm in my teens, and I'm tired of always depending on others for money. I would get a job, but since I have dylexia, I have to study longer and harder so I don't have time to get a job. Plus, college is in a few years, so that just adds to my reason of studying.

I would like to have an online job.

But the problem is, I've tried everything - from surveys, watching ads, writing reviews for websites - either don't work, is a scam, or just don't pay enough.

I need this bad.

Here are things I'm extremely good at:

1. Editing photos

2. Designing websites

3. Writing

4. Tutoring from grades K-5

I know its not a lot, but it's all I have.

If you actually KNOW a legal, scam-free survey website, feel free to share.

Please. I need this money fast.

2 Answers

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