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How much does a plane ticket to Belgrade, Serbia cost?

It's my first time traveling alone. I don't know how a flight like this would be structured because it's not common. My dad said he would help me but I wanna know how much money i'd spend ahead of time. Okay so I live in texarkana, tx. I'm gonna drive to the Shreveport, LA airport and start there. Can someone look this up and help me find the cheapest route. If not the cheapest, one at all. Thank you sooooo much.

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    It depends on when you want to fly and when you buy. You can start off with You can use whatever dates to see when are the cheapest times to fly. I would think ticket prices would be lower if you fly out of a bigger airport such as Dallas or New Orleans.

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    Normally I will find out the website offer the search tool which allow us to search through all the airline and the date, so it is so easy to compare the price and choose the date we want without much time wasted. It allow us to get the lowest flight ticket with those ticket search engine service, which really help us the customer save on the flight ticket.

    Some tips to search the best price

    1. you must avoid the weekend to get the lowest price

    2. try to book the return ticket

    3. if possible, try to book for more than 1 people. some airline company offer 2 tickets for the price of 1

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