I need help with a math question!?

I would like to go se my boyfriend on family day for the Army, but money is tight right now, and i'm not good enough at math to know how much gas would cost me.

If i have to drive approx 1850 miles, and my car gets about 25-30 miles to the gallon and it takes 30 dollars to fill it up, and gas is about 3.50, how much will it cost to drive my 1850 miles?

Thanks so much! & sorry if it's worded comfusingly!

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  • 9 years ago
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  • 9 years ago

    lol. if you cannot afford gas, you cannot afford the hotels or meals along the way.

    stay home and study your arithmetic. You may need to get a job someday. Your bf cannot support you on what the army pays grunts.

    (and what car only has an 8 gallon gas tank??)

    Source(s): military veteran who used the G I bill for college
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