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so i got dentures yesterday?

immediately after my teeth were removed. and when i was at the dentist office today for a post-24hr checkup, everytime they took them out put them in they hurt. anyways i need to rinse out my gums and was hoping there is a less painless way to removing them/restoring them and since i have stitches it can't be adhesives.


there has to be some way, i just cannot endure!

Update 2:

well i took a pain pill before removing them so i think that helped, also on the ends, i lifted up one part of the flap to loosen then tugged between my thumb and middle finger the middle part to remove them, it will be interesting to see how when i put them back in.

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    There is not. There is just no way around it. You have to endure. You should be a bit swollen and that makes it painful to come in and out. Immediates are tough to get used to, it is a big adjustment. It gets easier and easier as your swelling goes down and the plates become looser. Just hang in there. It is a tough road.

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