Sidekick 4G update soon?

There will there be a sidekick 4g update soon or will android not bother on an update fo this device? I like the phone its keyboard, keys, I just don't like that it lags, freezes, forecloses ,trackpad moves with the sub, homescreen refreshes when unlocking the phone, screen flashes for a 3 secs when there's a missing call, battery drains in 12 hours on a full charge, ram says its 312mb when its really 514mb on the specs? Any chance of getting the upgrade to gingerbread or should I just trade it for a mytouch 4g?

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  • 9 years ago
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    It appears that they might not put work into updating the sidekick, some of the sidekicks came out good some came out very defective. Mine came out really good but you might be better off with the my touch 4G slide, my mom has the my touch 4G slide. Its a lot better. She had bought the sidekick 4G as well but hers came out really defective.

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