Why should Christopher Columbus be honored?

I have to write a debate about whether or not Columbus Day should be honored. So far I have 5 points about why it SHOULDN'T be celebrated (Columbus killed the natives, ect.) But I need to include 5 points about why columbus should be honored! I really can't think of anything, any help would be great!

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    ...Well, to be honest, he DIDN'T kill the natives. He traveled to the Caribbean, traded with the natives, brought back some as slaves, but he didn't actually start killing them.

    If the debate is over whether or not Columbus should be honored and you were assigned on the side of the honoring him, I have a few points.

    1. He started the great period of European exploration across the Atlantic Ocean. 2. His achievements lead to the European colonization of North and South America.

    If you need a replacement for your incorrect point about his killing of the natives (others did kill them though), then here is this: Columbus didn't discover America. It could have been discovered by the Vikings, the Chinese, the Polynesians (ethnic group of the Pacific Islands), but it was not Columbus.

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    Because he was good at getting attention and taking credit for what other people already knew. Portugese fishers went far, to the banks of North America to catch more fish easily. Columbus was originally from Portugal, and must have overheard, and decided to go the Queen of Spain with some crazy idea of going the long way around the world to reach India, and then pretended he discovered America and then got accolades from the top of the ranks down to the masses of peasants and everyone in between. He would not have been able to pull off that scam in his own country with his own countrymen. It would be like us trying to show off the magic of computers to fellow North Americans, they'd say "so what, I know about computers too",...but if you take a lap top to some tribe in the jungle, they'd be so impressed with your "discovery" and hail you as a deity, or at least a celebrity.

    Actually, Thomas Edison was another master at taking credit, scamming the world into thinking he invented everything. Edison purchased other people's patents and ideas and put his own name on things, and even tried to take credit for "inventing" movies.

    He was pretty good seaman too, going the distance and back safely.

    He supported the Spanish economy during a recession, with the purchase / investment in 3 ships the shipbuilders built and sold.

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