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Flirting with this shy girl, and then...?

So there’s this girl named Connie. She was in my choir camp over summer and this year she goes to my school and is in my advanced theatre class. We’re 16. She’s really quiet, and soft voiced, but she loves acting.

She never shows off skin, and always wears thick sweatshirts and stuff that hide her figure, so, it’s impossible to tell if she’s hot. She wears glasses (that she doesn’t really need). She’s actually really beautiful without them, but she never takes them off.

We were assigned to be partners for a Shakespeare project. I’d been talking to her more in class, trying to reach out to her, because she seemed so lonely, and it seemed like it was kind of working.

I came over to her house to work on the project, but we got the time mixed up. I showed up like an hour early, and Connie was only in her pajamas. Her very revealing pajamas….

She gasped and blushed, I looked away, apologizing and closing the door, but she called me back in, saying it was fine, nothing was showing. I came back in, and saw a rare sight: Connie in just a low cut tank top (no bra) and undershorts, without her glasses on.

And holy f**k, she’s insanely hot. Hot as hell. Her boobs are like gigantic, and rounded. Like enormous, jigging mountains. She’s slender, with shapely curves to die for, and her legs were long, nice, and smooth.

So yeah. Holy crap….

So we sat down and talked, and started to work on the project. I think it was pretty obvious I was staring at her boobs (I couldn’t help it…) but she didn’t seem to mind, although she blushed.

I stayed at her house for several hours, we even finished the project and just talked, getting to know each other. I even risked putting my arm around her. (She has soft skin…)

She seemed really cheered up, like she was coming out of her shell. When I left, she even hugged me, which felt really good…lol. Then she gave me her phone number and facebook page, saying we should hang out again.

So that night we were texting, we texted for like 2 hours, and her texts seemed excited but nervous, and more than once she said “Hey, btw…” and when I said “what?” she said “Umm..nvm” like she kept wanting to say something but couldn’t. Then as we were saying goodnight, she said “hmm also, I’ve got something to show you.” I was like, “what?” and she said “I’ve never done anything like this…but ur so sweet, I feel like I can trust you. Just remember you can’t show anyone!” and I was confused, but then I got a new picture message, with the caption “Enjoy ;)” the picture was Connie, with a seductive grin, she was in her pajamas, and had pulled her tank top all the way up, her huge perfect boobs were naked, on full display. I just sat there in awe gaping at the picture for a few minutes before texting her back saying “Oh my god wow…you’re amazing. I won’t show anyone, I promise.” And she said “It’ll be our secret <3” What now? What does this mean for us? She likes me right? What should I do?

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    .I think Connie isn't as shy as you think.She might even want you to shake the spear at her.

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    Buy a box of condoms. You are going to need them.

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    Haha yeah, definitely not as shy as you think she is! And yes, she likes you (duh!). What should you do? Ask her out, I guess! SHe obviously likes you, you obviously like her, so what else is there to do? Good luck!

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