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How do I tell if they like me, Or want to hang with me?

So I really like hanging out with my boyfriends friends, they are all really cool, but I notice that I invite myself to hang with them verses them asking me to hang out with them. When I hang with them they seem friendly but I don't know if they really want to hang out with me or they feel sorry for me? And how do I make them want to hang out with me without me inviting myself?

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    If you don't go once, and they call you inviting the nest time, good sign, they like you. But if you don't receive any call, that means that you're not someone that is necessary to have fun.

    What you can do to like you better is to have them more interest on you, kiss some ***, looking out for each one what they like most, if a song, or a complement, or just saying that he / she is very interesting person, and give it to them.

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