Should i ask her please answer?

so a few months ago my gf broke up with me. we dated for about a month and a half and she broke up with me because she said she wasnt ready for a relationship. now being about four months since the breakup i dont kno if i should try to ask her out, when, or if i even should because she never said like when im ready for a relationship we'll date again but she never said we wouldn't either so idk what to do. an i am not just going to talk to her about it i need like a specific idea plz thank you!!

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    9 years ago
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    Ok my advice to you is to ask her out again. But you have to do it a classy way... like but her some roses or something she likes then ask her. Just remember don't go through life regretting the things you didn't do! I say do it! What's the negative... She says no! O well then you don't need her, then you could go date some girl who would be lucky to have you!

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    4 years ago

    I decide on to reply questions, as there are humans on right here asking legit questions who getting not anything however facetious, ignorant, mocking, and impolite solutions, so I love to be in a position to check out and supply a truly reply. There also are humans on right here to consider that every person else is an fool and are not able to reply there 'tough' query, so I love to exhibit them that as a Christian I do consider, and am in a position of giving fair and idea out solutions (even supposing that's not what they particularly care approximately). I wager my alternative for answering may be do to the truth that if I had a truly query to invite, I do not consider my possibilities are excellent of having a truly reply so why hassle, and it takes facets away, as I am particularly new on right here and am constructing up my repute, i do not need hundreds of thousands of facets to spare like a few, and the larger my rating the extra questions I can reply.

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    No dude, that is a bs excuse that most girls make so the guys doesnt feel crushed. But thats my personal and life experience. One way to tell if she just wanted to dump you and dont plan to come back is too talk to her... if she responds in a occasional yes or nod or takes along time to respond then its over dude. But if she is having fun with you, touch you... being more then friendly then yes go and ask her again. But just dont explode with that after you just had fun wait a day or two then ask. By bringing up the subject of dating then ask.

  • 9 years ago

    Yea everyone needs a second chane (: go ahead ask her out whats the worst she could do?

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  • 9 years ago

    Not tryin to be mean but don't waste your time it will only end up in another heart break

    Source(s): bc I was in a situation like this but I was the dumper
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    9 years ago

    yes ask her out she might still have feelings for you

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