What four wheeler should i get?

im looking in the 250-350cc range and im willing to spend 2000 to 3000. I don't want a raptor because the 250 and 350 models look funny. I currently have a 250cc 1998 moto four its old but it still runs good i just want something newer

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  • roger
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    9 years ago
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    well save your money and meanwhile be happy that you have one that runs good and you can depend on it, dont worry about how old it is because nicer and newer does not mean better and stronger. There are some old tough plow horses still out there , Just keep looking and checking the want ads until you find what you want. and do not get in a hurry. If you find one go to www.nada.com and click on motorcycles in the consumer section of nada guide at www.nada.com there is a 4 wheeler section that can give you pricing information too. Then plan on taking the quad runner to a mechanic shop and have a engine and transmission diagnostic and inspection to make sure its a good buy. Plan your actions so you do not get ripped off like so many people do every week., who decide to buy a car, or a truck or a boat or one guy yesterday bought a motorcycle that broke down the first day.

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