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I have had eczema non stop for 10years and not one min of the day has it ever went away until I decided to remove gluten from my diet and by the grace of God I had one whole week without intense pain and itching but it has came back slightly not near as bad and I was wondering if perhaps candida overgrowth in the gut is causing it or if I haven't given the gluten free diet enough time Thanks for answering!

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    if glutes are a problem they say if you drink regular beer switch to light beer it's a lesser glute problem to deal with if you even like beer at all

    i can't comment to much about an overgrowth in your gut it could be trapped gas or a hernia

    i had to have treatments for the trapped gas it hurts bad, heavy lifting the wrong way would give you a bad hernia

    ask a doctor about it soon

    Source(s): got eczema under control,dermatologist doctor then change to unsented soap use heavy moisturizers vaseline all over or on spots daily my plaque psoriasis i can get is a problem where ever it pops up this season
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    I'm not sure about the candida (perhaps?) but I know that you need to give your new diet a little more time so your body can flush out all the gluten things you've been eating your whole life!

    I just wanted to mention to you that you might want to look into gluten-free cosmetics. Gluten is a product used in so many cosmetics- I had no idea! There are a lot of brands of make-up that now come gluten-free. I prefer Red Apple lipstick because they are also Paraben-free, and Paraben has been found in breast cancers.

    Good luck to you!

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