Potential serious eye problem. Need any help!?

My daughter just within 1 day started having vision issues in the left eye. She is only 25. She went to see a optometrist. He told her she had a diffuse macular lesion in her left eye. With yellow spots on the macular. He wants her to see ophthalmologist whose specialty is retina. She has an appointment but is quite nervous about it. Her left eye, when she closes her right eye is void of color and is bury. No pain at all. These issues just started happening without warning. Anyone ever experience anything like this? Thanks for any help in advance.

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    9 years ago
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    The important thing is that you daughter sees her ophthalmologist - and with the technology these days, I'm sure they'll be able to manage and treat her condition well.

    From what you've written, it sounds like CSR (central serous retinopathy). This is where fluid leaked under the retina at the macular region. For young people - it's usually benign, and often is just 'monitored' if the vision is not affected much.

    Otherwise, some surgery may be required.

    Best of luck

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    i had a similar situation a few years ago. came out of nowhere and scared the tar out of me. my optometrist also sent me to an opthalmologist and it turned out i had cataracts. i was only in my 30's so it was quite odd for that to have happened to me. my advice would be to try not worry and don't think the worst. good luck to you both and i hope that it's all behind you and she's seeing perfect again quickly.

    edit: i was not clear..i didn't mean ignore it and hope for the best. absolutely see the doctor, and try not to make yourself crazy with worry in the meantime.

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