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How do I clean a messy- no- absolutely horrid and DISGUSTING room?!?

Okay so my cats have pooped all in my little closet and i gag when I open the door coz it stinks like shiz nizzle, underneath my bed prob has cockroaches and has a lot of gross random crap thrown there, there's clothes everywhere and... well, i should post a pic later. brb...


sry theyre all turned sideways to the left and i havent been in there so long that i still have my dresses in there from when i was 10!: ----------- ------------ ------------- --------------

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    Put EVERYTHING on your bed, trash, clothes and all. EVERYTHING from EVERYWHERE in that room (That's not already put away, of course)! From there, put/throw things away. It's done in less than an hour!

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    9 years ago

    hahah shiz nizzle

    first fabreezz that place!!!!! second exterminator!! third play basketball with your laundry have a hamper then go around the room and try to throw it in the hamper ;) fun for me ! fourth ill be waiting for that pic XD

    WOAH ! hah thats messy XD

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    put all you good and clean stuff on your bed.

    put all your dirty clothes in the laundry room.

    trash all your trash

    vaccuum and clean the stains.

    put away everything on your bed

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