using powerpoint to do praise and worship at church.?

need to play music on itunes as we manually change slides.changing slides frequently causes music to back skip!



hello , anybody?????

Update 2:

hello , anybody?????

Update 3:

hello , anybody?????

Update 4:

hello, anybody????????

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  • 9 years ago
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    If you are using the same computer for both showing the slide, and iTunes, it might just have to be faster. Try clearing cache, defragging, etc.

    Honestly, itunes is not the fastest music player on any system. In fact, it is often the slowest. I would give VLC a try, it is one of the best, and speedy most of the time.

    If you are trying to sync music to the slides (like church I go to, they sing music and have lyrics on screen) and the music is skipping, you might have to get a second computer, or an ipod (or similar mp3 player) to play the music separately from the computer. You can hook up speakers to a MP3 player.

    These are just some suggestions.

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