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Worried that my growth has been permanently stunted?

I'm 16, and I was diagnosed with crohns disease around the age of 12. At the time I was severely underweight. For the past few years i've grown a bit, but i've had so many issues with my crohns that it seems like my growth is permanently stunted. I am very small for my age. I've been trying to gain more weight lately, so i'm hoping that this weight gain will help me to grow some more. My mom is 5'11" and my dad is 5'10", and i'm only 5'2". Do you think that I still have a chance to reach my full potential? Or could my growth actually be permanently stunted? This is really stressing me about because it's absolutely terrible being so tiny. I look like i'm 13.


My body is very disproportionate as well. My arms and legs are super long, so it seems like I would still have some growing to do. Do you think I will just stay disproportionate because of the malnutrition?

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    If you are a girl you have probably reached your peak height already. Any further height growth from 15-21 is insignificant in most cases.

    If you are a guy you will probably peak at 5'4 at 18. Any further height growth from 18-25 is insignificant in most cases.

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    My mothers and fathers and wellness practitioner theory I had leukemia whilst i became 10 and in the wellness facility.they actually got here in to assert see you later, as in completely. i became so skinny I appeared very will earnings weight and muscle , even though it may be harder for you than others. i'm 40 9 now ,and set up storage doorways as a residing , I weigh 195 kilos. you will possibly be stable too. draw close IN THERE, what you're doing now may be the final element, asking others that have it. additionally: I actual have discovered that weight loss plan is the main mandatory element arresting the discomfort and combating the throwing up. issues to no longer consume : corn,popcorn,potato skins,peanuts with husk or epidermis , Popcorn could kill me if I ate it. look up celiacs weight loss plan, it may help. I actual have been on it for 3 years now and function no longer had an attack in that ingredient.

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