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What are the top teams in the AFC and NFC?

Think of this as if it were playoff time. Without bias and records, just who do you think the division winners will be and who the very best are in each division.

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    AFC East: New England Patriots

    AFC North: Baltimore Ravens

    AFC South: Houston Texans

    AFC West: San Diego Chargers

    Wildcards: Buffalo Bills and Pittsburgh Steelers

    NFC East: Dallas Cowboys

    NFC North: Green Bay Packers

    NFC South: New Orleans Saints

    NFC West: Arizona Cardinals

    Wildcards: Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Philadelphia Eagles

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    AFC East: Patriots 14-2

    AFC North: Ravens 12-4

    AFC West: Chargers 11-5

    AFC South: Texans 11-5

    WC: Bills 11-5

    WC: Raiders 10-6

    NFC South: Saints 12-4

    NFC North: Lions 11-5

    NFC East: Giants 10-6

    NFC west: Cardinals 10-6

    WC: Packers 11-5

    WC: Falcons 10-6

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    NFC EAST: Honestly wide open, but I'm going with Giants

    NFC WEST: 49ers

    NFC NORTH: Packers

    NFC SOUTH: Saints

    WC: Falcons

    WC: Lions (Cowboys maybe)

    Contenders (that got close to playoffs): Eagles, Redskins, Bears, Cowboys, Buccaneers

    AFC EAST: Patriots

    AFC WEST: Chargers

    AFC NORTH: Steelers

    AFC SOUTH: Texans

    WC: Ravens

    WC: Bills (maybe Raiders, close one though)

    Contenders (that got close to playoffs): Raiders, Jets, Titans

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    AFC east


    AFC north


    AFC west


    AFC south


    NFC east


    NFC north


    NFC west


    NFC south


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