2 Page Health Essay Help?

I need help on a essay due tomorrow i dont know how to word the essay and the paragraph outline (sorry if this confusing) Here's what the essay needs to be about:

Current lifestyle

exerise goal

what you're trying to improve

factors to consider in choosing a activity

Can somebody please help? Im really confused i understand what i need to write about just dont know how to

again im super sorry if its confusing

Thank you

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    9 years ago
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    Start with some kind of summary paragraph or two outlining that there are a number of thing you might want to improve by excessive and that your most appropriate activity depends on what you want to achieve.

    Then in the next few paras list some examples of goals you might have and what the best types of activity are and why. May be add a but on combining different types of activity to get better overall fitness.

    Then conclude with a para or two saying that its important to tailor your activity to your requirements to get the best results. (I know that this is a bit like the intro but that fine)

    Basic essay structure should be:

    Tell them what your going to tell them

    Tell them

    Tell them what you've told them

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    4 years ago

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