Hi i was considering buying a wedding dress online,and i wanted to get opinions from women who ACTUALLY did, on what your experience was,pricing etc and also a legit site.

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    9 years ago
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    Hi City-girl,

    I think that several of the people answering on here make very good points, be cautious.

    I think once you have personal experience of a site then you can feel a lot more confident, but until then it feels like a leap of faith. Your wedding dress is SUCH an important item for you that of course you don't want to take risks with it and be disappointed.

    That said, I would say that getting your wedding dress online (it's going to be from China) CAN be a great way to save money and despite what some people say the quality can be very good. After all, the majority of the dresses that you'd buy in the States are made in China anyway, but the difference is that you buy from a store with all its related benefits.

    I haven't bought a wedding gown online, but have bought BM dresses and other dresses and I have some tips:

    Use PayPal or a credit card to pay, as then you will have some protection if things go wrong as these companies will more often than not rule in favor of the buyer, not the vendor.

    Speak to the company you're planning on buying from beforehand. Do they reply? Do they speak good English? Are they clear on the process?

    Does the site have good pictures and information?

    Do they speak actively on Facebook and other social media channels? Is there evidence here of happy or angry customers? Check out what customers are saying - if too many have problems then this could be indicative that you shouldn't buy from these guys.

    Are there any reviews online of this site? You may think that many good reviews mean that a site is excellent, but in fact many less reputable Chinese sites will fake reviews and give themselves 5 stars for everything, so bear this in mind. It's realistic to expect some issues for ANY company, but rather than dwelling on poor reviews it's important to see HOW the company dealt with the issues (if they did at all). After all, if there is an issue, but the company try hard to help and solve it then I would say that this makes them look far more reputable in my opinion.

    Order custom size if you can, as I'm not certain if every site has the same 'standard' sizes which can be confusing. I do like the idea of ordering a size bigger, that someone else said, as taking in a dress is a pretty easy and cheap service and can be done quickly at home.

    I see so many enraged brides online who are furious that they ordered a dress from China and it came and wasn't a perfect fit. I know that being a bride is stressful and that small issues can seem bigger, but in fact in some ways I think expectations need to be lower, as after all they are saving a LOT of money over buying from a bridal store in the States. If the dress needs to be taken in a little which only costs a few dollars then is this such a massive deal? (I think some sites will pay for your alterations too if you send them the invoice)

    When I bought dresses online I asked the site I bought from, outerinner, to send me a picture of the dress when it was ready, but before it was shipped. They did, so at least I was able to check the color and quality of the dress visually before I actually received it.

    If the site doesn't have many pictures of the dress online then ask them to send you some pictures by email so you can see the dress in more detail BEFORE you buy.

    My opinion is this:

    If you have the cash and can't accept or don't have the time for ANY issues then go to a bridal store in town.

    If you want to save money and have the time to wait for delivery AND you're happy with the site (as you've done your research) then I say give a site a try.

    Source(s): I referenced a site that I have bought dresses from before called outerinner, they were helpful and the quality was good considering the price, but I haven't bought a wedding gown from here tbh:
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  • krejsa
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    3 years ago

    Best Online Wedding Dress Sites

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  • 9 years ago

    I ALMOST actually did it, until I noticed that the site was not secure and didn't offer a phone number or email address to touch base with...yeah, narrowly escaped that mess. Things you need to look for:

    -Phone numbers and points pf contact. Call or email, ask questions, and get answers BEFORE you even purchase something.

    -Secure web pages with the little lock at the top when making or planning a purchase.

    -Pictures and prices can be copy and pasted by the best of them. A lot of scam pages will offer the same exact dress for the same exact price. Please, pay attention.

    -Order locally, from your country, and if you can, your home town or a few hundred miles from it. DO NOT order from overseas, as chances are, this will be a scam page. They take your money, and disappear, or send you something that a Halloween costume would have been better for.

    -If you choose to order, keep notes on your bank account. Write down/note when the money was taken from your account and check daily to make sure that there isn't $4 missing here and $7 missing there, which some places will do. Time and date your notes and keep up-to-date.

    -If the site doesn't offer tracking information, forget it. Don't even THINK about ordering it. Make sure they offer tracking for your purchases and to be double sure, make sure it's a known service, like UPS or FedEx or whatever you have local.

    So far, the only legit site that I have seen is David's Bridal. If you're not going to try a dress on, then get a dress a few sizes too BIG. Wedding dresses run small, so if you're a size 6, order a 10-12. It's easier to take a dress in then to let it out.

    BUT, I strongly urge you to physically shop for a dress. It's not that bad. Hell, I found mine in 20 minutes! Good luck.

    Edit: I always forget about eBay and Amazon...Happy hunting.

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  • Anonymous
    6 years ago

    I bought my dress from a website:

    The dress was 90% as the picture which was good for me, they use beautiful crystals to do the decorations and not cheap sequin. The size was good.

    A friend recommended me that website that has been opened by one of his Swiss friends living in China.

    I contacted the website by email the first time and they were very nice and helpful. They always answered me in a maximum of 48 hours. The website is quite recent so the owner takes care of the customers directly, which was quite convenient as his English and French were perfect.

    The prices are good not as cheap as you can find on some websites like JJ's house but the quality coming from is better too so I don’t really mind an extra 100 USD if it means the dress will be nice looking.

    I strongly recommend this website to buy an evening or wedding dress, the fact that it is managed by a western person that understands our worries and questions makes it much easier.

    I think that not all wedding dresses coming from china are bad quality, because most of the dresses sold in shop locally (in western countries) have been produced in china (Vera Wang Dresses for example are produced in Suzhou). I think the real challenge is finding a company you can trust to do the basic quality check before shipping the dress. I must say it did help my trust that I knew someone who knew the owner personally and could assure me they worked professionally.

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  • 6 years ago

    You could try eBay.

    There are 763,751 results for "wedding dress" right now:

    Look for a seller that as a lot of good feedback as a seller, and check their feedback to see that many or most of the items that they got good feedback for were Wedding dresses. That seller will also probably have an eBay store that specializes in wedding dresses.

    Send them a message through eBay stating your concerns and see what kind of response you get, along with their response time.

    The one downside, which I'm sure you know, you cannot try them on before you buy. I suppose you could just make sure it is big enough and then have a local tailor custom fit it for you.

    If you see a dress that you want listed as an auction, use an eBay sniping service like hidbid to bid for you, it bids in the last few seconds, not giving manual "nibbling" bidders a time to react.

    If you don't see one that you like on there right now, you can use ebuyersedge to set up a saved eBay search, so that you get an e-mail when a new match is listed. You can narrow down the results you receive by price, category, etc. Good for 'Buy It Now's priced right.

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  • 9 years ago

    Hey I know most people think ordering from china is a huge risk but not with the site I recently ordered 2 wedding dresses from this site for under $300 for both and I have already received one and it is made great and it looks great. This site also has this policy where when you order the dress the person you are paying does not get their money until you confirm that you have your product and nothing is wrong with it. If you don’t receive your order then you simply report it and your money is refunded in a matter of days. Also they do provide tracking information and both of my dresses where shipped EMS. I strongly recommend you take a look even if you don’t decide to use this site. I hope this helped.

    Source(s): Actually bought dress online.
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  • 6 years ago

    Don't. Just don't.

    You need one dress. You need to have it be the one you want for your one day. That means either you go to a shop where you can try them on, and order an identical dress, or buy one off a rack. But go to a shop where you either walk out with a gown, or they will stand by the order. Or you have nothing.

    Look for bridal resale shops - you may find what was a very expensive gown there in your budget. But go someplace that you either have it in hand, or their reputation is known by real people in the area. Ordering online is smoke and mirrors, and you will need a dress.

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  • Snick
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    9 years ago

    If you are trying to purchase a wedding dress at a lower cost, try Craigslist. I can not believe how many women buy 2 dresses and then sell one for half the cost. Tags still attached and unaltered! This way you can actually go try these dresses on, save money, and you KNOW what it looks like on.

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  • Kitty
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    6 years ago

    I wrote about my experience of buying a wedding dress from China here:

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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    I actually buy my wedding dress from China

    price: $259

    store name:

    quality: I am very satisfied with my china replica dress since i only spent under $300, i have a small budget for my wedding dress,no way to afford to the original tag $3000, the dress made is very well structured, the same quality as the the dress i tried in salon.

    similarity: to be honest, the dress not exactly the same as original,mmm, 85% similarity,i think. I can accept, I am not a big fan of wedding dress.

    hope my experience helps you.

    Source(s): my personal experience
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