Magic the Gathering, forgot the name of the type of game I played?

hey guys, I played a game of magic with a group of people and it was a different version with these big cards... It was like Planes walk or something? What was it called do you know? xD

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  • 9 years ago
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    Those cards are called "Planes". They are oversized cards and came out with the Planechase set. Planechase is NOT an expansion set, but rather just reprints. For more info regarding Planechase:

    There are also Schemes which are the same size as Planes but works slightly different. Schemes were introduced with the Archenemy product.

    For a list of all Planes and Schemes:

    Source(s): Experience. I really enjoy Planechase but not as much with Archenemy. Just personal preference.
  • Peter
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    9 years ago

    What you were playing is called Planechase. The format is quite fun.

  • 9 years ago

    Or it could also be commander. They released oversized versions of the commander cards in paper.

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