What sound card could I use to output 10 channels from computer to a mixer?

I need a soundcard which can output 10 channels from my computer, in no particular pattern, as they are going to be linked to 10 channels on a sound mixer for use in a show. I saw a cheap one at the Belgrade Theatre in Coventry today, but didn't manage to find out what brand it was.

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  • 8 years ago
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    Hi Adam.

    I have looked a bit around, starting from this page http://www.thomann.de/dk/audio_interfaces.html and it is my honest opinion that once you go beyond 8 channels IN / 8 channels OUT, you will be entering the realm of professional equipment, with accordingly professional price tags, so my best advice to you will be to try to rethink your requirements, and try to reach a compromise where you can make do with max 8 channels at a time.

    However, i strongly urge you to peruse the various interfaces yourself, because you yourself are the one person who is best qualified to judge your needs, and come to a useful conclusion.

    I hope the info you can find on that website will be helpful to you, and i wish you the best of luck with your project.

    Source(s): Amateur musician / recordist.
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