What's your favorite song that mentions the word "blood" in the title or lyrics?

Name one song or more.

BQ1: When was the last time you bled?! (^,..,^)
BQ2: Now playing?
BQ3: How you doin'? Fan-bloody-tastic, I hope. :3

To those who don't have a sense of humor: don't take the blood references seriously; I am just foolin' around.
Update: Why yes, I am. Thank you! :L
Update 2: @ĐevịlĐrịver Fặn: Lol, maybe Butch got a little butt-hurt with your Rick Roll. I'd just ignore it. He's kinda making the TD button invalid for this section. =/
Update 3: Hello, The Iceman. =)
Update 4: @в.נ.: I know, lol. I wouldn't count on it any time soon. :|
Update 5: Yeah... perhaps I should've specified to us females: our time of the month doesn't count. ^^;
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