What's your favorite song that mentions the word "blood" in the title or lyrics?

Name one song or more.

BQ1: When was the last time you bled?! (^,..,^)

BQ2: Now playing?

BQ3: How you doin'? Fan-bloody-tastic, I hope. :3

To those who don't have a sense of humor: don't take the blood references seriously; I am just foolin' around.


Why yes, I am. Thank you! :L

Update 2:

@ĐevịlĐrịver Fặn: Lol, maybe Butch got a little butt-hurt with your Rick Roll. I'd just ignore it. He's kinda making the TD button invalid for this section. =/

Update 3:

Hello, The Iceman. =)

Update 4:

@в.נ.: I know, lol. I wouldn't count on it any time soon. :|

Update 5:

Yeah... perhaps I should've specified to us females: our time of the month doesn't count. ^^;

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  • 8 years ago
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    Hey now.

    Blood and Roses - the Smithereens


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    Message In Blood - Pantera


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    BQ1: Last night. Was clipping my cat's claws (which he HATES) and he nipped me. It's alright though and I'm not mad at him.

    BQ2: Rock Me Right - Susan Tedeschi


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    BQ3: I'm doing okay (considering I'm at work). Tomorrow is Friday...yeah! And I hope you have a great day yourself.

    (((Lucy))) great song choice doll. I should've thought of that one *hangs head in shame*... ;)

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  • Blood on your Hands - Arch Enemy

    Blood in the Ink - The Black Dahlia Murder

    Bleed - Meshuggah

    Bleeding to Death - Heaven Shall Burn

    Bloodmeat - Protest the Hero

    Bloody Gaya Fulfilled - Chthonic

    BQ: Like 4 weeks ago, My nose kept bleeding at least 10 times that week

    BQ2: Oscillator - The Contortionist

    BQ3: Good lol, just tired.

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  • 8 years ago

    Slayer- Bloodline

    Mastodon- Blood and Thunder

    The Showdown- Blood in The Gears

    Blindside- Bloostained Hollywood Ending

    Thrice- Blood Clots and Black Holes

    This morning shaving.

    Mastodon- I am Ahab

    I'm blood fine, I reckon.

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  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    I of Crimson Blood - Amorphis

    Memories of Blood - Cryptopsy

    Blood of Hated - Eternal Tears of Sorrow

    Blooddrenched - Hypocrisy

    Idle Blood - Katatonia

    Blood Tells! - Moonspell

    Bloodline - Slayer

    ...And Heaven's Cried Blood - Swallow the Sun

    BQ1: Been awhile

    BQ2: Love and Hate by Deadsoul Tribe

    BQ3: I'm doing alright..rather bored though.

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  • Jon
    Lv 6
    8 years ago

    Blood- Anthrax


    Youtube thumbnail

    BQ- I somehow got cut opening the front door about a month ago by a small protruding piece of metal on the part that catches the door. Kind of ironic since it's like that because I slammed the door out in rage a couple of years ago. It was only a minor cut though.

    BQ2- Spectrlight- Mastodon

    BQ3- Pretty good

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  • 8 years ago

    I C*m Blood by Cannibal Corpse (No I'm not really a CC fan, but its the first that came to my mind)

    Blood Run- Unsane

    Blood and Thunder- Mastodon

    Blood for Blood- Machinehead

    Blood on my Hands- Morbid Angel

    A Bloodbath Displayed- Nasum

    BQ1: This Morning.

    BQ2: Nothing

    BQ3: At school

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  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    Bavarian Beerhauz Blood by Hanzel und Gretyl


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    Der Kleine Vampir by We Butter The Bread With Butter

    the lyrics go: "Ich geh nach Haus und trinke Blut, Ich Bin Der Kleine Vampir!" means "I go home and drink blood, I'm the little vampire!"


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    BQ1: When was the last time you bled?! (^,..,^)

    That's private ha ha

    BQ2: Now playing?

    Nothing I'm watching "Take Me Home Tonight" starring Topher Grace

    BQ3: How you doin'? Fan-bloody-tastic, I hope. :3

    F$$king Bloody Awesome!!!

    How are you???

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  • Lucy
    Lv 7
    8 years ago
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  • 8 years ago

    New bloods- Thick as blood

    It was written in blood - Bring me the horizon

    Field of blood - In the midst of lions

    Alligator blood - Bring me the horizon

    BA: yesterday my friend scratched me

    BA2: inception (the movie)

    BA3: I'm decent kinda tired are you fan-bloody-tastic today?

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  • 4 years ago

    Hello Goodbye- The Beatles

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