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商業回信: 關於出貨 (中翻英)

請大大幫忙翻譯下列句子(中à英),謝謝! 您所提的訂單編號001,我們可於下星期出貨。我已經安排10/7的船班,ETD:10/11,ETA:10/20. 全數出貨(英文?)分批出貨(英文?)

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    Your mentioned PO #001 will be ready for shipment next week. We have scheduled the shipment by vessel ETD Oct. 11, ETA Oct. 20.


    (v.) be shipped completely/entirely/at a time

    (adv.) in one shipment; by single delivery


    (v.) be shipped partially/serially/in xx lots

    (adv.) by partial shipments

    2011-09-29 15:17:00 補充:


    by vessel to close Oct. 7, ETD Oct. 11, ETA Oct. 20.

    Source(s): *Infinito* 國貿專業
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    You mention the order number 001, we can ship next week.

    I have arranged ten-sevenths boat class, ETD:10/11,ETA:10/20.

    Full shipment全數出貨Batch shipping分批出貨

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    Regarding P/O No. 001, we have arranged the shipment in next week, shipped via "最好有船名", closed on Oct. 7, ETD (Kaohsiung嗎?) Oct. 11, ETA (到岸港?) Oct. 20.

    全出: in one shipment

    分批: partial shipments.

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