How is the copy for this ad?

Please help me with the copy below:

This is the story of a girl who finds out that she has the power to heal, and although her life hasn't been the happiest, she could never have imagined what it was about to become.

Ada, Legend of a Healer is a hard hitting, action-packed adventure. Yet an infusion of philosophy makes it so much more. Thought provoking questions raised in this book offer no easy answers. Rather, time and again, they have left the reader with much to ponder.

Travel to France with Ada as she learns of life, love, and friendship,

practicing Parkour across the rooftops of Paris.

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  • 9 years ago
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    Just reading the copy - I have no idea what you are promoting so as an ad copy it must not be working. But then I might not be your target market. I do think you need to make clearer what it is about. The call to action at end is clear.

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