How to say this in Greek?

I have a grand mother in Greece who's really ill, and I'm trying to learn Greek. I'm not fluent in it yet or anything, but I wanted to say some stuff to her over the phone. I tried to ask my dad on how to say some things, but it's hard because he only explains it verbally. I just need some help on constructing some sentences.

These are the sentences:

1. "I (am) learn(ing) Greek for you." (It doesn't need to be literal, but just a sentence with the same meaning.)

2. "I want to visit you."

3. "I hope you feel better."

Thank you, any input will help.


I don't want to use Google Translator or anything because it's not always accurate. I've used it before with my Greek cousins, and they couldn't understand much.

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    you are very correct not wanting to use google translate, most of the times it has funny results.

    allow me tp rephrase you, so it can be more understandable.

    1. Μαθαίνω ελληνικά για να μιλώ μαζί σου. mah-thEH-noh eh-llee-neekA yia nah mee-LOH mah-ZEE su. where capital letters is the stress, the ''th'' as is thunder, the ''yia'' as the Greek yiayia. it says ''i am learning Greek so i can speak with you''.

    2. you can say: Θέλω να σε επισκεφθώ, thEH- loh nah seh eh-pee-skeh-FTHOH, it literally means ''i want to visit you''. in Greek the actual word for visit is somehow more formal, so since she is your grandmother you can say something along the lines ''i want to see you'' or ''i want to stay with you'', the-loh na seh d(th)o or th-EH-lo nah mEE-noh mah-ZEE su. the d(th) means that the ''d'' is the letter equivilant to the Greek ''δ'' but it is always pronounced as the ''th'' in words like then, there , thus and so on.

    3. Ελπίζω να είσαι καλύτερα, eh-lpEE-zoh nah EE-seh kah-LEE- teh-rah, i hope that you are better.

    you can also say Περαστικά, peh-rah-stee-kAH which i dont't think there is an one word English equivilant for that , it is as the english ''feel better'', we say that wish especially to people who are having health problems.

    how sweet of you wanting to put a smile on her face. good luck!

    Source(s): native speaker.
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    To make it way easier just use Google's Translator. After plugging in the sentence you want translated, it will even let you listen to how it should be said.

    Here's the link:

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    9 years ago

    And thus spake

    Έχω μια γιαγιά στην Ελλάδα, η οποία είναι πολύ άρρωστος, και είμαι προσπαθούν να μάθουν ελληνικά. Δεν είμαι άπταιστα ακόμη ή τίποτα, αλλά ήθελα κάποια πράγματα να της πω από το τηλέφωνο. Έχω προσπαθήσει να πει ο πατέρας μου πώς να κάνει μερικά πράγματα να ρωτήσω, αλλά είναι δύσκολο, γιατί λέει ότι μόνο προφορικά. Απλώς χρειάζεται κάποια βοήθεια για την οικοδόμηση μερικές προτάσεις.

    Αυτές είναι οι φράσεις:

    1η "Παίρνω (am) (ING) Ελληνικά σε σας." (Δεν πρέπει να σημαίνει στην κυριολεξία, αλλά μόνο μια φράση με την ίδια σημασία.)

    2ος «Θέλω να επισκεφθείτε."

    Τρίτους «Ελπίζω να αισθανθείτε καλύτερα."

    Σας ευχαριστούμε που είναι να βοηθήσει κάθε είσοδο.

    And it was good.

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