when i start my honda accord it stalls and shakes?

i have to give it some gas untill it clears.ive changed the fuel regulator and still does it.spark plugs are new and wires.Can it be the fuel filter or dirty injectors???


its a 1996 ex sedan 4cyl. what i mean by it clears is that when i give it some gas it stops stalling and shaking.when i drive it i does a couple of pulls but after that it runs great and wont do it again unless i shut it off and attempt to start it again..

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  • 8 years ago
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    No it not the fuel filter or dirty injectors and not the spark plugs or ignition wires

    First I just make a wild guess what is problem with your Honda Accord it the cold start switch

    I need more information like what year, how many cylinders and what do you mean: “it clear”

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